8 best logo design apps to help you build a brand with your smart phone

May 6, 2018 Fiverr Logos

“Every business has its logo design at the core”. Creating a logo business for your business brand is very important because it is the face of your brand.

The good thing about creating a logo design by using logo design app is that you have the option. The worst thing is that many of these are expensive, especially if you are an entrepreneur who is just starting.

What is logo design app?

A logo design app is a programmer which allows to design logo on your mobile and tablets directly. You can use logo maker app. In this app the style and quality of the design you get with the app are different. To have a better logo hire a dedicated logo designer. There is a better user interface than most web counterparts in the app.

Logo design app

1. Logo Maker Shop (by: Limepresso)

There is an option when starting with a blank canvas, it is always easy to start by looking at the app’s upcoming 1000+ logo templates. This is a wonderful app that helps you to design professional logo for your business in a few minutes you can use to easily create a wonderful logo for your business. The app is very helpful for creating a logo for the digital age.

Word mark logo

2. Makr (by: Happy Media)

Start by choosing a template, classified by business, marriage, monogram, campus life, events and activities, sports, fun, local, gifts, charity. Alternatively, you can start with a blank canvas and upload your own photos and sizes. by changing the icon, text, color, style, etc. then customize the template. You can also upload your art. Finally, you can download your transparent PNG file. Apart from logo, you can also use this app to design Tees or Totes, which can also be relevant to your business.

Mobile app logo

3. Logo maker – Logo Creator (by: Chue Dave)

By choosing a B & W logo template between suggested alternatives – some of them are accessible, others are off in the free logo maker app. After this, edit your icon in the canvas display which allows you to adjust the fonts, colors and overlays and add stickers, icons, jewelry and ribbons and your own photos.

elegant logo

4. Watercolor Logo Maker (by: Tap Flat Apps)

At first select the color-style shape of the water that will create a background for your logo. Then, you will be a halter to the editor, where you the color can be adjusted, text can be added, and optimize more.


This app provides watercolor style logo. You should ask yourself the question: Does this match my company’s brand? If your brand is endearing way. This can be  satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect; most suitable.

Feminine logo

5. ICONA – Logo Designer (by: Road Rocks)

To create a logo design you have to adjust the logo color ,then add text to your company and click on the text to adjust the font, color or alignment. The drawing icon allows you to paint your shape, which is useful if you are using this app to understand the potential logos and then can professionally design differently.

Icon logo design

6. DesignMantic – Logo Maker (by: Right Solution)

In fact, you enter your company name and alternatively a slogan. Then the app will automatically generate different types of logos for you – keep scrolling to see many different combinations. To get more specific results, choose your industry from your drop-down menu. Once you find your favorite template, adjust the logo by fonts, colors and customizing all the good things.

step logo

7. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker (by: RoadRocks)

When you understand the logos options, you can by tapping to add favorites. After selecting the icon, you can add your company name, which you can edit further by font, size and alignment. You can edit by changing icon colors and optionally changing the background color. Finally, you can send it directly via email directly to the app.

textbased logo design

8. Logo Maker + Logo Creator (by: Jagwinder Singh)

This app makes it easy to choose the kind of people your business is looking for. With the help of the app, you can create the logo according to the new design trends. Goes through the several categories of templates including Badges, Frames, Artworks, Masks, Signs, Vintage etc. so that you can understand the wide range of directions your logo can take.

Logo Creation design