9 innovative logo design trends for 2018

May 5, 2018 Fiverr Logos

The logo is not only front part of the business but also the symbol of the business. Which is made in a long and distinct period of history.

Here are the 9 logo design trends of 2018 which you have to know;

1. Responsive, contextual logos

We are living in an era where the logo designers should not only create aesthetically attractive design by using their innovative logo design ideas but also have an extending far down from the top or surface understanding of the various references in which those designs can apply. Posters, business cards, hints, installations, advertising and packaging are just a few examples of people’s intervals. Keep your eyes peeling to increase awareness for reference in the modern logo design trends in 2018.

Echo logo design

2. Fun! (Creating an energy and vibe)

It is difficult to resist fun, and it comes in the form of bright colors, good vibes and cute characters. This year, we expect to see funny people left and right, making them smile 2018 annually. Funny people have always been famous to create the logo design. But now a day if people have funny logo design the economics of prevailing state give support people to face negatively.

icon based logo

3. Architectural inspiration

The physical location has always been important in building a brand identity, think how each Starbucks and Apple store “feel”. While supporting the design of a design from an architectural design, nothing is new, it is reviving in popularity with clever, innovative ways. As we rapidly enter the digital world, designers are not only looking for ways to look at the architectural landmarks, but how to add concepts through their modern logo design trends visual interpretation behind the physical expression of the brand.

realty logo

4. Experimental techniques in typography

It does not end there either. In this coming year, how can we apply pre-existing techniques on these mediums, with continuous experiments in typography with both innovative concepts and new acquisitions should be seen. Old style to sans serif, typography has always been subject to experiment – using the painting or photographic techniques for the development of new typographic shapes, to buy cheap logo design amend the pre-existing typeface.

Taxture logo design

5. Grid-based logos

it is a tendency that never ends-only in waves and goes away. Based on the design we have seen late, we can expect a very clear grid’s healthy service in this year’s logo design. Grid has the power to illustrate logic, theory, control and perfection. In a sense, Grids has played the role of spinal cord in graphic design because Joseph Muller-Brockman presented the fundamental principles of theory on this subject in 1981.

Grid Based logo design

6. Pushing metaphors to the extreme

Metaphor is certainly not new as a logo design, but the continued reach of curiosity and creative exploration in the design community has recently led him to become the center point of deep creative exploration. This year, the designers of the logo should exert force on the metaphors at their peak, with the thinkers and clever concepts.

image trace logo

7. Layering and masking of patterns and colour

Along with this, there is a lot of space in this technique for both intangible and conceptual perspectives. That’s why we are putting spotlight on it. Layering and masking are a Layering and masking are technique that involves revealing additional material within the patterns or using patterns. It is often subtle and can easily go under the radar. Along with this, there is a lot of space in this technique for both intangible and conceptual perspectives. That’s why we are putting spotlight on it.

Masking logo

8. Simple typography paired with monograms

Recently we are seeing a revival of simple, well-designed typeface, which was added with monograms. On the past designers are respect their ability with their judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind which includes accurate focus on the basic standards of logo typography.


9. Fundamental geometric shapes

The actual sizes used in the logo have also been focused on geometry created with less geometry, or at least a more perspective. Typography is not a special part or feature of any of the design, so it gets explanation now these days.

Abstract logo design