Best Fiverrlogos Gigs for Logo design

May 1, 2018 Fiverr Logos

Before I start rolling out the complete list of the best Fiverr gigs for small business owners, startup companies, bloggers and many more, maybe I’ll need to give you an overview of what exactly is Fiverr, in case you’re not familiar with it.

1.) Logomekars :I bet you all know what a “fiverrlogos” is. And that’s how the name “Fiverr” comes from. It is a marketplace where all services (or called gigs) start at a base price of $5. Though there are gigs that offer physical products with shipping, Fiverr is mainly service-based. You can think of it as Amazon, with services primarily instead of products.

There are countless types of Fiverr gigs, with many adding to the marketplace every day. Some are definitely useful, practical and adding value to your businesses, while some are just fun and bizarre (Can you imagine a man throwing a chainsaw while singing a jingle?). This diverse platform covers the needs of different people, and that’s why it’s so successful.

Okay, now you at least have a rough idea of how Fiverr works. So, let’s get straight to the detailed list of the best Fiverr gigs that are worth buying.

1. Logo Design by Logomekars

Logomekars is professional logo designers worldwide this trading platform, saying that it devalues the value of logo branding. Such claim does have some truth, but overall it’s rather exaggerated. Branding is important, but not every company is Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Google or Microsoft. Fiverr acts as an acceptable alternative to other professional logo designers who typically quote more than $500 for a logo to be designed. It is best for small businesses with limited budget as most gigs are affordable. Personal bloggers, musical bands, school clubs, event organizers can also enjoy cheap logo design services catering to their needs.

There are various kinds of logo design gigs here. Be careful that some of them may offer poor quality or even stolen logos. I’ve published a complete list of tips and tricks on finding good logo designers on Fiverr, so please check it out before you hastily place an order. There are limitless styles of logos available, including mascots, signatures, letterings, watercolour, neon, vintage badges, crests, and stamps. I’m sure you can find the most suitable seller if you spend some time researching and selecting the seller carefully beforehand.

Logomekars provide a best logo design service in fiverrlogos and also specializing in designing text logos. Feel free to browse the logomekars around on fiverr website to see if there is any service that fits you.

2. Business Cards

Business cards are a must for almost all companies. A business card includes the essence of a business, including its logo, style, and contact details. It’s important for you to have a unique business card design that represents your company branding, and make you stand out of the crowd. The business card design gigs on Fiverr are versatile. Some of them offer the typical rectangular design, while some provide a more special design, such as a square.

Although these Fiverr gigs can come in handy, be sure to check with the seller the format and structure of the business card. Does the design comply with the size, specifications and dimensions of the printing company you’re going to use? Has the design been given bleed area? All these are crucial to ensure the business card design is print-ready. Remember to contact the seller first for clarification if his or her gig description is not clear enough. Otherwise, your money will probably be wasted if the design is rejected by the printing firm.

3. Graphics and Illustration

Graphics and illustration are important to attract readers’ attention. Imagine you’re browsing a website or reading a leaflet with tons of words on it without a single image. I’m sure you’ll stop reading within minutes, or seconds. No matter how marvellous your content is, it fails when it can’t grab the attention of the audience.

Graphics and illustration act as attention-grabbers within your context. Examples would be the flat banners I design for this article. They act as nice dividers between large amounts of texts. Once again, there are many different illustrators on Fiverr. Some are experts in flat design, some are good at watercolour painting, while the others specialize in digital graphics. Browse around and find a style that works for your company.

There are also some interesting sellers who are skilled in book illustration. Some buyers hire them to draw all the illustrations for a children’s book to be published. You’ll be amazed by the unique style of every designer.