How to hire a graphic designer

May 2, 2018 Fiverr Logos

It does not matter what type of business you are doing; the time is coming when you need to hire a designer.

It is probably one of the tasks that you are closing, thinking, “Well … where can I get the time? you do moonlight in the form of recruits, And I recruited the graphic designer How can I go about doing this? ”

Hiring a freelance graphic designer versus an in-house graphic designer:

Before actually jumping to hire graphic designer in 5$, let’s talk about what type of graphic designer you want to rent-freelance or in-house.

In-house designer: 


  • Works Only for your brand·
  • Always available for work·
  • Know very clearly style of your brand both inside and outside


  • Payment is required when you don’t have any design requirements
  • There will be an area of ​​expertise in which they are experts
  • There is a set capacity when workload is high

Freelance designers:


  •  Payment should on project-to-project basis
  • Each project can be rented according to their expertise.
  • Whenever you need a design it can be freely rented


  • Will not be familiar with your brand, so you will need to shorten them well
  • Will not always be available for meetings or last-minute tasks?
  • It tries to find and evaluate the right freelancers

Clarify what you’re looking for before you hire:

Before you start finding for a logo designer, you should know: ·

  • You need design (logo, flyer, poster, etc.)
  • You are going to look and feel
  • Elements should be identified your brand (color palette, approved fonts, etc.)

Before renting a designer, you also want to be clear about who you are designing for. A graphic designer will prepare a completely different design if your targeted demographic is children under the age of five, then it is important to know your audience and communicate with your designer if you were going after senior citizens.

Finding designers:

Back in the day, it was hard to find a designer, but now that you’ve got the interweaves, then finding A + Designer is never easy. There are so many options to connect with incredible business card design who have graphic design talent.

Communicating with your designer:

Once you find out which designer you work with, it’s time to contact. Tell them that you are interested in working with them. Give them basic outline of the project and ask them what you are want if they are available, and they are interested It’s time to contact now.

Negotiating pricing:

Ask your designer about their rates, compare it with your budget, and come on a number that is suitable for both of you. And remember- the design is not an area where you want to cut corners.

According to negotiating salaries, you also need to know the terms and condition of negotiate payment. Are they charging by hour or project? Will you pay 50% ahead of your designer and 50% on completion? Or does your company pay Net 30? Will they be sent to the check in the mail or will you send payment in digital form? It is important to remove all those conditions before time to avoid any problems or accidents during and after the project.

Things to look out for:

When you looking for a great designer, you are going to be curious to rotate the ball and start working together. But do not let your curiosity blind you for any possible red flag.

  • It takes days to answer your correspondence
  • Before starting work on design, the whole project asks for fee
  • Refuses to give references or samples
  • You feel uncomfortable (even if you cannot put your finger on it).